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Out of These Blues is No. 1 Album of 2011 and Top 10 Best Albums of 2011 by Texas Music Scene, Austin City Limits, No Depression, Texas Music Magazine and KGSR!

Texas Music Scene votes Out of These Blues No. 1 Album of the Year

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Texas Food & Music – My Addictions | 4.6.11

Robyn & broodForgive me father, it has been 2 months since my last confessional blog…

So we had our grand opening of the Happy2You vintage shop this past weekend in Wimberley, Texas.  It was an amazing day that poured over deep into the night. The most perfect weather in the mid-80s, our beautiful friends and Wimberley neighbors who all felt like they were the millionth customers, all bought some swag and listened to us pick and grin on the porch.  For the grand finale, my hillbilly brood [consisting of hubby and bassist lunchmeat, 9-year-old son/fiddle-meister Thomas, and 4-yr old daughter Julia Odessa] and I closed with our favorite misogynistic Hee Haw skit: Read More

Texas Food & Music – My Addictions | 2.2.11

This is Groundhog Day.  That fuzzy little foreigner better be right about an early Spring.  I am a Texas girl, and these record-breaking cold temperatures, September gals like me are not programmed for.  I look out the window of my Hill Country digs and see my cilantro cryogenically preserved, but still bright green and hopeful – I can relate.  So, although this weather makes me a little blue at times, I will not be “Debbie downer”… I shall cherish the time that winter gives me to expand my garden, write some new songs, and burn all of the other shit that doesn’t matter anyway. Besides, this spring I will be enjoying the fruits of my labor (Texas Food & Music) like my ass is on fire.  

I am at a point in my life where my eyes are wide open and I am looking forward to what’s round the ole corner.  This year I will take more chances … yep, feeling a little out of control seems right this year.  I am ready to go full-throttle on the back-side of thirty…and challenge the “it’s all downhill from here” theory.  No, I don’t mean mid-life crisis shenanigans…after all, it’s a slippery slope from sexy dancing to full-tilt naughty neighbor parties.  

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